Allow Editing of Context Menus

  • @LonM The UI would need to take into account the different types of actions dependent on where the context-click was made. There's at least:

    • Blank space
    • Link
    • Image
    • Linked image
    • Selected text

    But hopefully, one day it might happen 🙂

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    @Pathduck I have added the discussion relevant to just context menus back into this thread.

  • @Pathduck customizing the context menu could be done without looking at the context at all.

    For instance, just offer up all possible context menu entries in the customizer with a state button for each.

    The state could be default / hide / move to top / move to submenu

    or something like that. If the entry is available in a context, it shows on the menu in the say the setting suggests. If it isn't available, it doesn't show.

  • since main menus editing has been implemented with version 3 is there a new official stance about extending the same development to context menus or are them different roads and points?

  • @LonM said in Allow Editing of Context Menus:

    Yes, unfortunately there was a lot of discussion about how context menu modification could be done, but it was tied to the other post.

    @LonM This is a good example of how context menu modification could be done:

    In the right table there are all the types of actions independent on where the context-click was made. (Blank space, Link, Image, Linked image, Select text and so on)

    In the left table there are the actual commands and you can make them visible or not.

    Very simple and functions perfectly.



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    I've been thinking recently about radial menus. Here is a screenshot from Krita:


    The bit I'd be really interested in is add the context menu items around the main "ring" that shows up when you initially right click. It could be further changed to allow the item where the mouse is moved to be automatically selected. Kind of like Mouse gestures, but without having to hold down the right click button, and with arbitrary movements instead up just compass directions.

    Nesting could even be done where on moving the mouse to a top-level item, the ring is re-centred on that item, and a new ring of other items is shown.

    This is just an idea I had that I thought was interesting. Could be one possible way to not just edit the context menu but throw it up in the air completely.

    Here's an example video from a Blender Plugin

  • @LonM As long they are optional, more in Blender style than Krita ones.
    But yeah, I'd probably try these "The Sims style menus" 😃

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    @urfausto The official answer is always like to be the same; when it is ready, etc.

    I asked Jón to say something about how feature requests are implemented in Any Questions for Jón (Starting at 7:00 min).

    I am sure they want to allow editing of the context menus, but it is not a trivial task. We waited five years to get editing of the main menus. However, now that the ground work is done, perhaps it may not take another five years for this. This thread is not yet tagged as Pipeline or In Progress.

  • Not sure if this has been talked about yet, but it'd be great if we could also edit the stuff extensions add to the context menu.

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