I miss for a few little Opera's feature…

  • Hi Team, 1st: Good job.. I was feeling like an orphan since O12.15. Its spirit is back ! 2nd: A small old Opera feature will make me happy. "the fit to width" was CTRL+F11. Opera was the only browser that was able to automatically wraps the text at window size when line is too long. It happens with some tools generating big log html files I regularly use. I still use O12.15 only for that ! I'm pretty sure, it is an very easy feature to implement. Or maybe you can explain how to customize the "page actions" near the zoom scrollbar. Thank for your attention..

  • You can easily customize the Page Actions dialogue. See this post which covers how to add your own styles: https://vivaldi.net/forum/suggestion-box/3156-opera-cannot-display-vivaldi-web-page#38094

  • Hi Tiamarth
    It will do the job and more….
    thank you very much.

    My last Opera's feature missing: the contextual menu "Open with." was a useful way to fast open a link in another local browser when needed or page testing.

  • I'm afraid I have no workarounds to suggest for that particular grievance. Perhaps the devs will natively support this in Vivaldi in the future.

  • Open with
    A landmark feature of opera demonstrating the modesty of of true creative leadership..

  • Moderator

    "Open with…" Opera 33 does not have such feature.
    And Opera 12's feature was buggy (i sent many bugreports, which were not fixed, to Opera), sending ciorrect URL to the external browser.

    Currently implementing a "Open With ..." feature has no high prio.

  • Moderator

    Open with is one of my frequently used feature in Opera 12.17 to view a page in Vivaldi or Firefox mostly, sometimes in IE11 or Opera 33.


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