• Hello Vivaldi Team, first of all thank you very much for the beta version, fixes many bugs and is a really super browser. Thank you very much for your work! Two things I want to suggest/mention: 1) Why the big Speed Dial - + - Bookmarks - History bar || + History "Search Engine"? Not that it couldn´t be useful but I really don´t use it and it takes a lot of place of my speed-dial screen. I just open a new tab to get to my speed dial, I don´t use bookmarks at all and history... From Opera 12.xx I´m used to open that one in the address bar (which would be very nice if you could make this available, so I don´t necessary have to open speed dial and can simply change to the history by a specific key word (Like the other search engines I can "bind in"). Maybe some day I will use this feature but today I´d wish to hide or just minimize this bar. Even if I´ll use it, I think I won´t need a bar that big which is almost as big as the rest of the tabs and the address bar. 2) If I open an image from my local drive with vivaldi and want to set it as my startpage background nothing happens. Just wanted to mention it (: I have to apologize for my bad English, hope you can understand it. Thanks again for the great work, I really appreciate it. Greetings

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    It is bigger than it needs to be but if you add some speed dial folders you will see how it can be useful.


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