Vivaldi 3.1 RC 1 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 1929.23

  • @Hadden89 Chromium 65 is quite old.
    my mistake I meant Chromum Dev 85

  • @Artymka1 The media feature pack is not about video card acceleration but about missing codecs on particular windows editions (called N).
    Also vivaldi need that, but not for having graphic acceleration but to playback some protected videos.
    If Edge has a different/better way to accelerate vp1 videos, this may be an useful request.
    As a main browser, chromium canary/dev is not a good idea. Better stay with the stable (83) or the beta (84) if you want more frequent updates.

  • Hi, I reread the thread and may be one reported already.
    Bookmark list is empty if I use Strg+B or use link on startpage.
    Only imported and trash can is visible.
    Bookmark panel shows all correctly.

    Cheers, mib

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