Tutorial: how to customize your own mouse geastures?

  • More info on the gestures,too firstly,@shoust, thank you for your great efforts. here's his original posts: I've managed to edit the down gesture to open links in background. Simply swap the gesture from the COMMAND_NEW_TAB with the one in COMMAND_NEW_BACKGROUND_TAB , in defaultSettingsPlatformSpecific-bundle.js FWIW, I've figured out that the down gesture is 2, left gesture is 4, right gesture is 0, and up gesture is 60(Edit: 60 is Up-Right, current gesture for reopen closed tab, Gesture Up is actually 6, see more in my later post). More info on the gestures. 26 is Down-Up(the original open in background tab), 62 is Up-Down(reload), 20 is Down-Right. I'll edit this and see if I can add more gestures while tweaking. EDIT: Success! Added my own gesture to view source, Gesture 206 (translates to a U shape, Down(2)-Right(0)-Up(6)). Going by this I've figured out the mouse gestures and how they work. So Down=2,Left=4,Right=0,Up=6(60 is actually Up-Right). There's your gestures, each digit is a gesture, and combining the digits make up the combo gestures. Edit away! [b][color=#ff0000]AND[/color][/b] ,what I found is that you can not change some default gestures, such as close tab,reopen recently closed tab,and so on . So, what should we do? Is that complicated? The anser is NO. JUST 2 steps needed. step 1:open [color=#00ff00]bundle.js[/color],duplicate the commands you want and change its name,example:duplicate the COMMAND_TAB_REOPEN_RECENTLY_CLOSED,ie, [color=#ff0000]copy [/color]this one: {name:"COMMAND_TAB_REOPEN_RECENTLY_CLOSED",action:h.undoRecentlyClosedTab,label:b("Reopen Closed Tab1"),category:m.CATEGORY_COMMAND_TAB_ACTION}, and[color=#ff0000] paste[/color],change its name, as hilight , {name:"COMMAND_TAB_REOPEN_RECENTLY_CLOSED[color=#ff0000]_MY[/color]",action:h.undoRecentlyClosedTab,label:b("Reopen Closed Tab1"),category:m.CATEGORY_COMMAND_TAB_ACTION}, step 2:add gestures to your own commands at[color=#00ff00] defaultSettings-bundle.js[/color] example: COMMAND_TAB_REOPEN_RECENTLY_CLOSED[color=#ff0000]_MY[/color]:{gestures:[color=#ff0000]["04"],[/color]showInQC:!0}, where gestures:["04"] represents Right-Left Is that easy?

  • Lack of customizable mouse gestures (editing javascript files doesn't count) is the reason why I still use Firefox.

    What I want is this.

    left == previous (left) tab
    right == next (right) tab
    up == open new tab / open link in new tab
    down == open new background tab / open link in new background tab
    chord right then left == close current tab
    chord left then right == undo close tab
    hold right mouse button and scroll wheel == zoom image under mouse pointer in/out
    hold left mouse button and scroll wheel == zoom page in/out

    Until I can do this, I won't leave firefox and my beloved firegestures addon. But hey, that's just me!


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