Memory usage on startup

  • Good day Tested the new beta browser today. Just installed and changed default search engine to google. searched for 'mense' then images checked memory usage, was amazed how big it was (3 processes was over 100mb). Closed it, and made video if it when I open it up again and it restores the last session. immediatly one over 100mb and rest high. Is this normal ? Can see video of the test here Thanks Johannes

  • Welcome to the forum!
    Some thoughts about RAM usage you can find in this thread.

  • Thanks for the reply RJules3

    I did same test with Firefox , usage is 205mb. I see what the thread says what you suggested basically it means the reason for me moving from Chrome will be the same here also as performance and memory just becomes a nightmare at the end of the day.

    thanks you and have a nice day



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