Suggestions for improving notes

  • The notes functionality is really great, and there`s so much more that can be done with notes built-in to the browser. A few suggestions for UI and functional improvement areas: [ul] [li]Long mouse travel between the "New note" button and the note editing area[/li] [li]Add file/screen capture button is very large[/li] [li]Would be valuable with a share function or send by VivaldiMail[/li] [li]Should be easier to get the current tab URL added to the note without having to drag it to the note. Add it automatically when you create a new note?[/li] [/ul] [attachment=1938]Vivaldinotes.png[/attachment] Attached sketch with an idea for a solution Attachments: [img][/img]

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    1. That's why focus is automatically given to the text area;
    2. I don't think so, gives space for image previews;
    3 & 4. are good suggestions.

  • To add a bit more context to the scenario with long mouse travel, the user story I was faced with was that I was already in the editing area for a note, and wanted create a new note.


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    The splitter between the notes tree and the edit area can be dragged up to make the mouse travel to the edit area much less.


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