[Request] Anyway to terminate or kill running media player?

  • I want a way to kill any media video when it's playing/buffering. We can "kinda" block & stop media player from playing on load with extension, but once it start playing & buffering, there is no way to stop it from continue buffering (PAUSE doesn't stop buffering, it only pause playing) without reload the page.

    Is there any way? I'm up for any extension, userjs, or hack that works.
    Thanks for all the support.

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    @dude99 Hibernate background tabs seems to stop buffering.

    A Shortcut for Hibernate Background Tabs would make it faster.

  • @Pesala Thanks for your suggestion, but I don't want to "kill" the entire webpage - just the media player when I no longer need it.

    Example: sometimes in youtube I want to browse the sidebar or comments without the player keep playing video or buffering. Hibernate or reload won't work because it will render the page unreadable.

    Currently there is no way to terminate the video/audio that's playing... It just keep going & going until user reload or closed the tab. Whoever design this HTML5 video feature is a nincompoop & wasting everyone bandwidth & electricity, killing the planet with unnecessary heat generated from billions of Internet users 24/7.

    Since all browser maker doesn't want to implant this feature, then I guess we have to rely on mod community to save the day. LOL

  • Found this extension, but it's limited to Youtube only:

    I would like to find a solution that work on all <video> tag media.
    Thanks for all the support & useful suggestions.

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    You may find something here.

    Media Engagement needs the |:|


    The Flag is deprecated and is autodeleted on new versions.
    The command line, didn't worked on some tests but maybe there is some more info on next posts or around that specific info.

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  • @Zalex108 Thanks, will check 'em out.

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