Is Opera Mini still provided?

  • I've been given a BenQ-Siemens E71 phone with Opera Mini v4-something. Is this version the latest? Was there any undesirable change (like Presto->webkit) about Opera Mini? Which version would you recommend?

  • What type of system does that phone run? There are certainly later versions of Mini, but not knowing for sure what to look for I can't say if they would work on your phone.

    Only mention I see of Siemens mentions s60 version 1.x and is 10 years old, hopefully yours is more recent than that …

  • The one already installed there is a *.jar (or *.jad) file.
    What an OS is there - I do not know, but it is not a Symbian.

    Looks like this is the answer - v8.

  • Jar or jad files are Java applications, so yes you should be able to use version 8. Some old S60 phones that didn't support Java are stuck at version 3.x …

  • If it's similar to my Siemens M75, then Opera Mini v.4 is the latest that runs on it. Same for my Sony-Ericsson W200. I have tried v.5 but it's unworkable with those screens and other resources. Keep v.4.

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