Button to open link in related external app

  • Some websites have own apps. In Firefox we have an awesome feature: if i have installed app for this website it shows new button to open in this app. If I have no app I can't see any button. It's convenient coz app can intercept only links which make sense for us. For instance I have no kinopoisk app on my phone but I have an online theater which opens me movies from kinopoisk database.

    This is easy function but very convenient. I hope devs will add it in Vivaldi.

    I've recorded a video of how it looks.


  • @jpegio Firefox Focus has it in menus which is how i'd like vivaldi to implement it

  • The best solution for such feature is this offered by Samsung Internet.
    User have a button (like in your video) and user have a choice what app he wants to open:

    I suppose that you have similar pop up and you just want to open hd box always.

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