Default browser on startup?

  • I noticed for my install, even though Vivaldi is set to check for default browser at startup it doesn't actually do it. Is that a thing?

  • Just upgraded to 1.0.303.52. Can't change the search engine from Bing to Duckduck. I included Duckduck as a search engine and then attempted to make it the default search engine. All I get is Bing. It seems that Google, too, is disabled.

    I'm getting to like Vivaldi; however if I can't change to Duckduck, I'm gone.

  • Have you tried restoring to default search engine then changing to duckduckgo?. I tried it just then and was able to change to duckduckgo (my preference as well) then Bing then Google. (windows 7 64 bit Vivaldi 1.0.303.52 (Beta) (32-bit))

  • Figured it.

    Should have looked at all those little check circles behind the names of the available search engines. I had thought that they were some cool little designs or doodles in which software writers could hide their names – something like that. I started out with DOS and sometimes long for its directness. I think I'm still affected by the old Microsoft mantra which has been adopted by other software and is consistent with human nature: "DOS ain't done 'til Lotus don't run." I suspected the variant: "Vivaldi don't sing, Unless it has Bing." Maybe I should sign off as "Old and paranoid."


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