Spam on "conversation"?

  • Hi, I'm not familiar at all with how works and so I'm not sure how to respond to this. I've just got a "message" in "conversation", which looks like a spam. I'm not worried about potential "danger", but I just want to know [ol] [li]who this person is (a registered user at or a total stranger?);[/li] [li]if there is a mechanism to report abuse;[/li] [li]if there is a means to block users.[/li] [/ol] I don't see any buttons to do these. Cheers, Ryo

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    See this recent thread.

    Their membership has been terminated already if its "monico2"

    If not, you can use the search at top right to find them, then visit their profile to report them. If the profile link is not working, they were already blocked.

  • Aha! Thank you for sharing the information! Next time I've got such a message, I'll do "Report User".


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