Connection is not secure: The server attempted to apply security measures but failed.

  • When I visit the [url=][/url] site with Opera v12.17 I get the "[i]connection is not secure[/i]" indication. The same time, both the PaleMoon v24.5 and the [url=]SSL Labs[/url] are reporting high grade security. What could be a problem here? What makes Opera v12.17 unhappy about this connection?

  • I suspect it has inline http elements. F.ex linking in a image from a insecure domain or something :-)

  • Hi! Most probably and hopefully for a good reason You too seem to have deactivated at least one or more ciphers in Your preferences.

    Preferences - Advanced - Security - Security Protocols - Details

    After temporarily activating the deprecated RC4 in my settings my Opera 12.17 connected completely without any problems and faultlessly to the site You mentioned.

    Though and this is really interesting the details about the certificate do not show any usage of RC4. This is really interesting as RC4 seemed to be necessary but does not seem to have been used for encrypting the connection in the end … ???!!!???

    Hope i could shed some light on Your problem ...! :-)

  • @olli:

    inline http elements

    Yes, that was it.
    I asked to have a look at HTTPS/HTTP mixing on a page and now Opera Presto is happy about encryption.

    Thank you!

  • Np :-)

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