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  • As many refugees of My Opera, I'm leaving. This place is just a bricolage, Vivaldi team, you are not serious, nor credible. Waiting for one year of any improvement, nothing ..Even my profile doesn't work anymore, instead dozens of post with turkish phones, viagra, spam spam.... Just a bricolage, it is a deception, going away for ever !! You are just given a bad image of your browser.

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    K. Bye!!

  • Its just not for you, leave :whistle: Vivaldi is for people with brain.

  • dear refugee
    I think you just bent a forum rule or two yourself. it's okay. will be happy to see you when you return. even a brainless itinerate like myself can see changes in every snapshot. yes community practice is needed dealing with bricolage. like your post. Practice of all types is needed. so right now all test data is good input. whether of questionable content or not. I look forward to vivaldicommunity appearance without the bricolage.

  • May be the post of 'sgdgandco' was a little harsh but the Vivaldi team should take a look into the facts. This user is not the only one missing some kind of administration. Looking into the dashboard of the blog section and being confronted with a big red sign eleven times in a row on the first page alone (I don't know the language there) doesn't look very inviting. Even if this user's critique was stated in an obtrusive way, it should be taken seriously. There is obviously room for improvement.

  • @RJules3
    first page? wasn't it more than that. ? that is how offputting it was to you. you didn't continue.? was there once an answer that browser work gets in the way of community work.? for now? not enough personnel or hours in a day? I look at what you term confronting and wonder that it already has passed some test that i do not understand.?
    It is too bad if sgdgandco not return to read your well-stated response.
    Open to the public is a very scary thing.
    just wish each user can know that outburst upon being pushed to the brink or overzealous sharing need not ostrasize them from legitimate community. Sometimes we understand and sometimes we do not. should be
    Welcome back anytime.

    Oh ! I Know !
    hand held to forehead smiley
    Could i say?:
    Yo sgdgandco. I don't know what's not workin' over there with your blog and profile. ,
    But it Sure is Workin' over here in the forum !
    hang out here 'til that stuff behaves the way you want to see it.
    keep your profile in case you need support someday.
    or in case I need support from You.

  • @ i_ri
    Thank you for your reply!
    At the moment of writing this post the before mentioned sign is swamping the blog dashboard. Now it's not only red but blue too. I didn't continue beyond the first page because it was sufficient to understand that someone is talking about '… turkish phones, viagra, spam spam.... '. No, I am not scared away so easily 😉 but I am not a frequent user of the blog section.
    Of course I don't know all the motives of the original post but the development of the browser software seemed not to be the main reason to jump off. Your addition to your original writing is showing you are thinking about this the same way now. 🙂 My post wasn't about the browser software one single iota. The term 'confronting' I used with the meaning of the second entry in my Webster's Third New International Dictionary Unabridged: '2: to put or bring face to face; compel (a person) to face, take account of, or endure --- usually used with by or with (~ a reader with statistics) ...' 😉
    Finally I express the hope that sgdgandco would read your thoroughly elaborated post as well!

  • Spam doesn't really say anything about the Vivaldi Community or the browser. Spammers are everywhere and it's more like tp'ing a house or tagging walls than genuine spam.

    If you're feeling egregiously offended by a particular spam or post, use the 'Report this item' selection from the drop-down picklist on the Community Unity page.

    If there's more than one, select 'Hide updates from this user' and all of the posts will fly away as if transported on magic carpets.

    Go back to whatever you were doing. Cezar just posted a little longhair music which is always a nice way to relax and unwind and it looks like the Forum software will allow me to pseudo-repost his link:-


    link:- https://cezarspace.wordpress.com/2015/11/01/francesco-venturini
    Concerto da camera à 10 & 8 strumenti in A minor, Op.1, No.2](https://cezarspace.wordpress.com/2015/11/01/francesco-venturini)



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