Notifications dropdown menu weirdness.

  • All today, & tbh many previous days, most [but weirdly not all] of the time i receive a notification of a new or reply post, & i click the link in the Notifications dropdown menu, instead of being taken to the correct post i land only at the top of the page. I need to re-click that dropdown link to then jump to the right post.

    Is this a known problem, or do i need to begin troubleshooting my settings please?

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    @Steffie I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it Works for me, so the issue may be at your end.

    I can see the page initially loads at the top, but I get (almost imperceptibly) autoscrolled down to the correct post right away.

  • @LonM Thank you. Sigh. More lovely troubleshooting to do, yay. I've begun with disabling my Stylus CSS for V Forum, & disabling the V Forum Mod extension. I don't expect either of those to be causal, but it's a starting point.

    Euw, i've not seen the forum looking so drab & "undressed" for years.

    Nope, still same misbehaviour. At least now i can let the forum get properly dressed again!

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    Steffie, that happend rarely for me. But that has been weeks ago, i could not reproduce it.

  • My posts last night were from my Tower, whereas atm i'm in another room using my Laptop. Despite that, i am still experiencing the same misbehaviour.

    I think now that this might be a good example of a time when it's important to know which battles to fight, vs those from which to just walk away & do something else.

    Ha! Walking, walking, walking...

  • Is this perhaps a race condition? Could your first click be before the forums know where the post will be in the thread? I know, seems weird - the forums should know within milliseconds (even before the alert appears on your screen), but that's what comes to mind.

  • @sgunhouse Ooh! Well i dunno if that's technically possible to be the root-cause, but if it were it would seem to fit my symptoms.

    I shall try to click slower. I often wondered why some people called me Quick Draw McGraw. Mind you, i get called other names as well...

  • Maybe it is possible - there is Cloudflare, right? The forums may know, but Cloudflare's mirroring may be slower ... the first version loaded may be cached.

  • @sgunhouse Ok, i see your logic i think. However, how to explain that this seems not to be happening to others atm? Would that relate to global geography & my closest-to-australia CF server/s, vs those for other Vivaldians predominantly in the northern hemisphere?

  • Tonight since a couple of hours i am back on Tower, not Lappy. I hesitate to say this out loud lest i tempt fate, but atm it all seems to be working correctly again. So that's almost as weird as me finding the earlier problems, considering i made no changes either time.

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