Gendering in forum

  • @Catweazle
    Sorry "being" but we are have gone much far from that point. What we are saying here is people on the forum MUST follow the "rules" of some unknown, unwritten, unspoken RELIGION. To be here you must feel "ashamed" for your faults and fails, very ashamed and you must work and believe in a better future for the "beings" of good will. Otherwise, you can either be "ignorant" because you don't know the "true faith" or "confused" because you don't give the due respect to the said "beings" of good will.

  • @JohnConnorBear You don't have to agree with me on what is wrong or right. Frankly, I don't know where you got that idea. You also shouldn't feel guilty, so you have no need to stress about redeeming yourself.

  • @AltCode
    Thanks, now I feel relieved, I don't have to agree with you. 🙂
    Oh gender neutral god. Again.

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    @JohnConnorBear , this is only valid if one thinks in an absolutist way, which in view that an absolute truth does not exist, never is real. There can only be specific co-incidences between people, each one has their own experiences and points of view. Therefore, if we lack empathy and tolerance, coexistence is impossible. Formalisms do not serve, nor if a word has the masculine, feminine or neutral gender, it is irrelevant, it matters how we say something, not what.

  • Several months ago i watched [& loved] Nanette. Just now i have watched [& loved] Douglas. Given how some attitudes have been revealed in this thread i can only imagine how much rage would be ... engendered ... in some people here & beyond.

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    @JohnConnorBear said in Gendering in forum:

    There is no cause or reason for anything

    That was stated as a wrong-view. Of course there is a reason. However, you would not be able to take my wallet because I do not use money. If you do kick an innocent person in the groin, of course, you are laying down evil kamma that will likely lead to rebirth in hell, or getting kicked in the groin for no apparent reason in a future existence.

  • @Catweazle
    I thought of your comment to get a meaningful reply.
    All I am saying here is:
    "users" come, write a message and they don't get an answer on the topic, they are asked/ordered to conform a "moral code" or a "religion". The "gender" topic is just part of a bigger and general view of the whole world and humanity. Whoever does not conform this "code" doesn't belong here and this is fine because they are "ignorant" or "confused", while who conform is "enlightened", trough a path that begins with the realization of their own faults or even better, their fathers' faults. We aren't in the void, you know, the forum mirrors everyday life. At best, it is hypocritical. Unfortunately we aren't in the best condition, it comes from a plan of social engineering on planetary scale. Once upon a time, it was made with swords, nowadays with brainwashing. In fact, people don't even perceive "reality" any more, they refer to an imaginary one. Which, among other things, allows to the removal of history. There is no past so there is no future, there can be only an eternal present.

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    @Steffie , in Spain there are groups that want to remove the gender from the language, putting everything in neutral. They have not understood the meaning of a language as an added tool to transmit their own thoughts. Apart from that in a communication between people, 70-80% is non-verbal (for this there are emojis in the networks), a language is always neutral, regardless of the gender of a word, it is even more possible to feel equally offended, putting everything in neutral, already with this same misunderstanding, people can feel degraded to things, instead of people. Therefore it is equally absurd.

    "How bad you are bigsmile
    How bad you are bomb "

  • @Catweazle Well, just so you know. I will never be upset if someone addresses me as "they", whereas i would be mighty pissed-off if they addressed me as "him, he, sir, gent" et al, on the basis that i enjoy tech stuff ipso facto i must be male because no alternative possibility exists. Women cannot like tech coz they're too busy making bread & babies. 🙄

  • @Steffie Men can't like tech either, cause they're too busy spreading conspiracy theories… or so it seems for some.

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    @Steffie , this is the point, but this depends on the machist thoughts of the one who writes or says it, not the language itself, would be equally insulting without gender differences in the language.
    We cannot project our own shortcomings and mistakes into the language and blame the language for it. As it is said in Spain, it is to throw the stone and hide the hand.

  • @Pesala
    You are provoking a true but offensive answer. I would ask please refrain from writing about your beliefs. I don't feel the need to demolish them, I prefer to leave them and you alone.

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    @JohnConnorBear This forum has rules (Code of Conduct, Terms of Use) and even you have to follow them. I marked some relevant text for you.
    Read this:


    Don’t insult or use unfriendly language, including ALL CAPS.

    Don’t use content likely to offend people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or political views.

    Don’t use sarcasm and jokes that can be misinterpreted.

    Don’t disrupt discussions with irrelevant, off-topic remarks, bully or intimidate others.


    Any questions?

  • @Gwen-Dragon Yes, I have one. Would you mind close the thread as it doesn't serve any purpose any longer?

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