Will Vivaldi remain free ?

  • Hi folks! Congratulations for this marvelous browser. I can leave AT LAST my old Opera v12 for this one :woohoo: I can see that it improves every day (I use the daily snapshot) and now it it nearly close to the good old Opera 😉 But I 'm just curious: maybe it is confidential, but how do you intent to make a living by offering this Vivaldi browser ? Is it going to remains free, or, like Opera at its time, will there be a free version with adverts, and a paying version without those ? Regards Didier

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    No one charges for a browser any more. The modern pattern is that browsers make their money off of deals with search engine partners. Some also pen deals with certain advertisers to put default speed dials into the initial download of the browser for every user.

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    I think there is scope for a paid-for version with extra services — anything that incurs additional costs for Vivaldi, e.g. email services, synchronising of user content, Turbo mode, etc.

    I think Vivaldi could reduce their costs significantly by not providing server space and bandwidth to every user, regardless of whether they really need it or not.

    As long as the pricing is reasonable, and some technical support is provided for those services, I think a lot of users will be prepared to pay $50 a year or so.

  • Frankly, I'd be willing to pay (and did, for Opera), but yeah, the market has spoken. At least for desktop-based browsers, the vast majority of users aren't willing to pay, and would switch to a free alternative if a browser switched to a pay model.

  • I would appreciate an option to pay for Vivaldi in a pay-what-you-want pricing model to make it more independent from the search engine and advertising market, because personally I see a bleak future for Internet advertising.

    There would be no need to restrict the free browser any way. A few premium support options like fast track bug fixing would be enough (and all free users profit from those fixes too, of course).

    Further down the road I could imagine the introduction of feature-frozen LTS /ESR branches, so paying users/enterprises can choose to stay on an older version for 18 months and get only security fixes for it, so they pay for the extra security maintenance.

  • Hi Guys

    Maybe pay for 'add on' options

    as I like the idea of a free browser,

    but don't mind paying for say the option of having my email installed(tho free) into my browser

    or even a built in vpn, etc etc


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    Vivaldi will remain free, it is a browser for Users.

    I dont think they will build a free and a pay-for-more edition. Too much work to test for and fix bugs in separate development streams.

    But i cant see into far future as my magic bowl is defect. 😉


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