Feedback: Unable to automatically update

  • Communist Party of China to intercept the "vivaldi. Net", you need to access the network through a proxy. I was in the command line parameter to specify the PAC file, use a proxy. But the "automatic update" does not use the proxy. [img] Uploads/20151031010000.jpg[/img] --------------- Also, Please add label hotkeys: Close all label, close other label, closed the left label, close the right label.   These actions are my most frequently used, but they are not assigned hotkey. 😞 --------------- thanks.

  • Hmm, the PRC does have a policy of blocking many outside blog/social media sites. Perhaps the automatic updater should have a different (or at least backup) source of updates other than from the domain, in case gets blocked for containing user blogs.

    However, in this case, it's possible there was just an innocent, localized accidental route leak issue, or something like that. While reports being unreachable from a machine in Shanghai (but OK from a test in Hangzhou), both and report isn't currently being widely blocked in mainland China.

    OTOH, I suppose may have been temporarily blocked at the time you encountered the issue. I saw a user claim in another thread that an anti-China blog post of his on attracted some hacking of his account until he stopped embedding a particular video. Perhaps someone took notice of that guy's blog or another PRC-critical blog and reported the site to PRC censors, earning it a temporary blocking? Seems absurd, and unlikely for such a relatively small social site to attract attention, but I guess I wouldn't put it 100% outside of the realm of possibility, since such censoring authorities can be absurd, and have people employed with nothing better to do all day.


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