HELP! password restore after password change

  • Hello. I've changed my password. For this I used the password generator from KeePass. So I generated a password with length 32, upper and lower case letters, digits, special characters and brackets. After changing the password I tried to relogin but it says "Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet." So something going wrong while password change. I decided to try restore my password. First I tried my vivaldi adress but it says "Sorry, this is not the e-mail associated with your account. Please try again." Then i tried my old Adress and guess what happens "We have sent the reminder to your e-mail address ****" So as we all know is down. Is there any chance that I get my account back?

  • Vivaldi Team


    I can help you with that.
    Can you send me your new email address to me at tatsuki at vivaldidotnet?
    I can change your to the new one. (You cannot use your email address for registered email address due to spam prevention)


  • I Send you an e-mail
    Thanks for help

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