MIGRATION from gmail to vivaldi

  • Is there a way to migrate all my mail from gmail to vivaldi? Or do I have to bootleg this somehow? Thank you.

  • @Holy777Grail Hello, welcome to the Vivaldi Community 🙂 👍

    Google allows you to export your Gmail data in MBOX format:

    Unfortunately, there is no import function in the webmail interface, but it supports IMAP connections and this is the best way to import mailboxes:

    Using an email client like Thunderbird you'd be able to just drag+drop emails into the new account.

    There are other tools:

    Hope this helps, good luck 👍

  • Me too ! Waiting to replace Gmail & Voice with Vivaldi.

    I have read that you can set Gmail to auto-forward received mail to another mail server.
    The conversion process would use a Gmail dummy-account with auto-forwarding to your Vivaldi mail,,, anything sent to the Dummy, would be forwarded to yourname@vivaldi.net.
    without the Dummy,
    You can add a Forwarding-Account to your Gmail Accounts like: yourname@vivaldi.net.
    New incoming mail can be auto-forwarded with a simple Gmail Filter.
    But,,, You said 'all my mail',,, which implies that you will RE-mail everything to the Dummy.
    I believe that might be done with a Gmail Filter. ???
    I have tested the Gmail 're-packaging' of multiple emails into one big mail package.
    This is quite simple. Read the Gmail Help "Send emails as attachments".

    However, some of us have huge librarys of emails collected over years for many, many reasons.
    I use Thunderbird for the 'archives' on my hard drive. Browser-based email programs cannot directly access these archives, without time-consuming uploads & downloads.
    I 'map' the Gmail folders to matching-named folders in Thunderbird. This allows me to centralize all communications into client folders, projects, family, etc, etc.
    My Gmail plus Voice, plus other online accounts, all total maybe 100 documents that I will archive to Thunderbird. Everything else is aged and trashed.

    Hope this helps !

  • Hello all thank you kindly for your responses. Indeed I did export my mail into MBOX now can Vivaldi import the MBOX otherwise what use is MBOX to me then? I see I have to take a roundabout way to get the migration which is painful. FastMail really has streamlined that process. Fortunately the 2-e-mails I have with the spies of gmail do not have significant volume of email so I may take the barbarian route and forward what I have there. Unless you have other suggestions that Vivaldi can import MBOX into Vivaldi. Otherwise guess will need to read up more. No pain no gain I guess.

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