Snapshot 1.0.303.40 - Beta Candidate with tab and import improvements

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    [quote=ruario] We have another beta candidate with tab fixes and support for more import options.[/quote] [b]Tab fixes[/b] We have fixed tabs on the side so that they are now scrollable again when you have many of them. We also moved the 'X' buttons so that it does not get covered by the scrollbar. For those of you who have tabs on the top or bottom there are also fixes. When tabs get small the 'X' is now hidden for non active tabs. For the active tab, the 'X' gets priority over the favicon when space is cramped. In summary, it is harder to close tabs by accident and easier to close them when you mean to, which I think most people would agree, is a happier state of affairs! [b]Windows Import improvements[/b] We know that a lot of you have come to us from Opera, so we added more import options from their browsers. You can now import from Opera 12 standalone (USB) installs. You can also import from any stream of the Chromium-based Opera. [b]Changelog[/b] VB-10159 Close button not hidden when tabs are tiny, tiny, tiny VB-10224 Poor handling of many tabs on the left side VB-10261 Cannot easily close tabs and close on the left on tabs VB-10296 Update installer background image VB-10273 Import from Opera 12 Windows standalone (USB-mode) fails


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