Startpage and Vivaldi bring more privacy to your search

  • @luetage said in Startpage and Vivaldi bring more privacy to your search:

    bring me to the results page

    on a new tab?

  • @Steffie Oh, lol… I forgot to check ‘new tab.’ I excuse myself there, because I never use the search‐field. Yeah, doesn’t work, you will have to report this as bug.

  • @luetage Oh phew -- honestly you won't believe how relieved i am to hear this affirmation, coz of the dire implications here if it truly was working for you.

  • @Steffie said in Startpage and Vivaldi bring more privacy to your search:

    I presume there is something in @QuHno's JavaScript that breaks if the tab changes during execution

    My script is "shoot once and forget", i.e. if you execute the bookmarklet on a search result page, it only changes all FORM elements, that submit the query via POST to GET once.
    If the page does not use a FORM element to query the next result, my script cannot do anything.
    If the search result tab was was not finished with loading before the bookmarklet is executed, all bets are off.
    It does not and cannot change any settings at all.

  • @QuHno Yeah i'm sorry for that earlier post. When i wrote it i thought it seemed reasonable, then over following days of usage i realised instead it was actually silly & wrong, but i forgot to come back & edit my post.

    Unfortunately however for my ideal use-case of opening search results from the search field in a new not existing tab, which as i wrote breaks the Searx POST & merely generates the default Searx landing page, it means that for all practical purposes your clever script is unable to help me. The only way it works for me is to have to sacrifice the current tab. Otoh if i have to bother to first launch a new tab & then use the search field, i might as well make it that the new tab i open is the Searx landing page anyway then directly type into it. Neither option is great, both require steps that should be redundant but with V atm are not.

  • @Steffie I can only recommend the use of quick commands, makes both search‐ and address‐field search superfluous and works as you would expect. If you really don’t like it, you will have to wait for a fix. Have you reported it yet?

    edit: wait, it doesn’t work as you would expect, I all but forgot about the bug I reported earlier for quick commands, lol

  • @luetage I've been trying it [QC Searx, triggered by a mouse gesture] out, following your post [which i read initially before your edit]. I was getting excited because i thought it was working beautifully [results in new tab], then i realised that they are only GET not POST, ie, they include the search terms, thus defeating the whole purpose of the exercise.

    Tomorrow i'll raise a BR.


  • @Steffie VB-68138.

  • Moderator

    @Steffie I tried Searx:
    works for me added with POST active.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Oh?

    1. From the Search Field? AND
    2. With you setting Always Search In New Tab in search settings?

  • Moderator

    @Steffie Oh with both the seax start page appears.
    So from Vivaldi's search field it is broken.

    I confirmed your report VB-68138.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Phew!


  • Moderator

    @Steffie Thanks for your report!

  • @QuHno said in Startpage and Vivaldi bring more privacy to your search:

    @Catweazle I have read their privacy policy too, but I didn't ask for their privacy policy but about the official certification. Advertising that would have been really helpful to get traction.

    Apart from that:
    The search in Vivaldi does not use POST for Startpage, so everyone (especially your ISP) can read what you are searching for, because it is submitted by GET request. If you want maximum privacy for searches from the address bar or the search field, you should go to Settings > Search > Startpage and set it to use POST or else your search terms are submitted like this

    whereas when you use POST the only part of the address someone who is snooping sees is

    and the rest including the query is inside of the encrypted body of the TCP/IP packet and does not get blurted out in clear text.

    Reading everyones posts here about GET vs POST requests, good information, something I haven't thought about in a long time but was aware of for search terms. I use DDG and checked the settings, ugh its on GET requests by default, so I changed it to POST and I can see the changes in the URL bar. Thanks it made me aware of this especially using a search bar instead of the main address bar. Good info found on this webpage too ,
    HTH, thanks again

  • @Steffie Oh, a pleasant surprise!

    It seems that the Devs might have fixed whatever was causing the misbehaviour i'd previously documented, for Searx with POST.

    As amply documented in here , i am unable to use latest Snapshot 3.3.2009-3 & so am stuck on 3.3.2001.3. However i have unexpectedly discovered now that 3.3.2001.3 is working correctly for Searx with POST. My previously-described dysfunction seems to have gone. Now, unless just a temporary fluke, i seem to have my cake & eat it:


  • I still prefer Startpage over DDG (I used DDG around 2 years, until found more information about Startpage and how Vivaldi rise it up on this blog post)

    Both have similar "settings" feature, but Startpage settings can be used without cookies, it's using unique URL link which can be added to browser without saving cookies, a safe way to do this.

    DDG relies on keyword on saved settings (which uses cookies on saving it on browser until cache is cleaned), basic not so safe way to do this.

    DDG is also fully US based service, I know Startpage case is little weird with US adtech thing (adsense stuff seen on uBlock, depends what list you using, they are blocked or not), but as they been telling, it's nothing to do with Startpage privacy, but Startpage is still EU based service.

    I also like one certain setting on Startpage, to able choose which Startpage server is used, US or EU. Very important you can choose default server.

    Also seen QWANT mentioned on many privacy websites, advertised as "no collect information on user" or similar, this is actually false claim and you notice it instantly by reading QWANT privacy policy about how they secure users activity and about IP collected and some other information too.

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