Snapshot 1.0.303.37 - Beta Candidate with Thumbnail improvements

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    [quote=petternilsen]Hey people! Some might recognize my name from a certain other browser company, where I worked as a developer on the desktop browser for more than 10 years. As you know, we are closing in on a beta and today we have some more fixes and improvements for you.[/quote] [b]Thumbnails and disk usage[/b] Some have complained about excessive disk access during regular use of Vivaldi and we believe we have fixed that issue now. We no longer generate and write thumbnails continuously to disk. However, since we used to be a bit "eager" here, you will receive the best future performance if you exit Vivaldi, go into your profile directory and delete the Top Sites file to let the thumbnails re-generate themselves during regular use. [b]Further highlights[/b] The black Facebook issue that some also experienced has also been fixed, Mac users will receive a smaller update package and our friends from Finland will once again be able to use Vivaldi in their native language. Enjoy! [b]Changelog VB-9560 Settings displays wrong language name VB-9847 Bookmark tree selection with Command key on Mac VB-9936 Window controls aren't covering full height of settings Window's title bar VB-8512 Facebook remains black after it tries to ask the user to enable HTML5 notifications VB-10231 Pressing Ctrl+w quickly crashes browser VB-10175 Finnish translation missing from installers VB-10143 Further translations for beta VB-10251 New tab thumbnail stored to disk every time one opens speed dial Smaller auto-update packages for Mac: 17Mb saving[/b]

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