[re-fixed]WordPress "Preview Post" popup doesn't go to right page on first click of "Preview Post"

  • Normally, in WordPress, when one hits the "Preview Post" link while editing a post, a popup is spawned (or if you've previously hit Preview Post" and haven't closed the popup, it reuses the existing popup tab with the browsing context name* of "wp-preview-[postID]") at the url [color=#0044ff][site]/wp-admin/post.php[/color] . The popup usually then gets redirected to [color=#0044ff][post's public path]?preview=true&preview_id=[postID]&preview_nonce=[someNonce][/color] . However, I've recently been having the slight annoyance, only when using Vivaldi, that the first time I click the "Preview Post" button, instead of redirecting to the preview, the popup tab's address bar says [color=#0044ff][site]/wp-admin/post.php[/color], the popup tab waits blankly for a few seconds, then gets redirected to [color=#0044ff][site]/wp-admin/edit.php[/color] (the WP backend's list of posts). If I don't close the popup tab, and hit "Preview Post" again in the post editing tab, the reused popup tab then promptly gets correctly navigated to a post preview. If I close the preview popup tab, then hit "Preview Post", the several-second pause and wrong redirection happens all over again. It seems like the process of creating a new tab causes some sort of slowdown in completing the HTTPS negotiation to access [color=#0044ff][site]/wp-admin/post.php[/color], and I'm guessing the slowness causes some sort of timeout on the server that makes the server give up and just default to sending me to [color=#0044ff][site]/wp-admin/edit.php[/color], instead of [color=#0044ff][post's public path]?preview=true&preview_id=[postID]&preview_nonce=[someNonce][/color] .

  • Excellent, Snapshot 1.0.403.17 solves this!
    Specifically, "VB-12256 POST to new window results in second GET request to same URL"
    So that's what was happening. Thank you for the fix.

  • Ack, this is now happening again in 1.1.443.3 . 😞

    Edit #1: The latest team blog entry notes it (VB-16295) and says a fix will arrive in the next snapshot for it.

    Edit #2: Fixed in 1.1.453.36


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