When changing focus via F6, also highlight the webpage

  • I really like changing focus via F6. Also like that the panel, tab bar and address bar are appropriately highlighted via a blue rectangle when the focus gets to them. I lack such highlight when I focus the webpage. I frequently find myself lost and not sure where the highlight is. I am sure this must have been a design decision when this feature was implemented, but I do not think it was a good decision. It is incosistent and does not provide appropriate feedback.

  • Ha this has been implemented, thanks! (the only thing is that when a panel gets highlighted, the blue rectangle gets displayed for less then one second).

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    @felagund When the web page gets highlighted, the blue rectangle disappears after a second. Shortcut F9 will also focus the web page. Once the web page is highlighted, spatial navigation will highlight links. I presume that this is why the blue rectangle highlight has to disappear after a second — to allow for spatial navigation.

    The Panel icons remain highlighted once focused. Then one can navigate to the next panel.

  • Yeah, it disappears but it was not previously appearing at all on my computer. Also, with certain panels (bookmarks, Facebook Messenger), it really just blinks (it is a gif, but it shows the appearance well): highlight.gif

    Thanks for the F9 tip though!

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