Snapshot releases suited for normal use?

  • Hello, Are the Vivaldi snapshot releases suited for normal users, or are they intended for dedicated beta-testers / techies? Thanks for the info. Fritz (who left Opera for Pale Moon, after V12.17)

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    You can use the snapshots without any special knowledge. Don't forget these versions to be not finalized and be careful with any kind of important data. For some months now I am using Vivaldi snapshots more or less exclusively and don't have any severe problems which could prevent me from using it furthermore.

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    It really depends on your usage patterns. I've used Vivaldi as my default browser since sometime in March of this year. My browsing tends to be quite vanilla, in that I don't do any gaming at all, I'm not into consuming audio or video thru the browser, I don't upload or download large volumes of stuff, I'm not a developer or QC tester of web content, etc. There are probably some uses for which you'd rather use a different browser, but for the type of research I do, it works great.

  • I very frequently stream media through my browser, and I use Vivaldi as my default. The only problem I ever encounter is an occasional blank tab, which is really just a minor annoyance for me.

  • I agree with Ayespy and Tiamarth. Vivaldi has been my default browser since sometime in March. I have experienced some glitches, but the next upgrade always seemed to have solved those problems. This is after using Opera as my default browser since we used to have to pay for it back in 1997.

    I think that if you are a normal user looking for a great browser experience, the Vivaldi is a browser for you to try and use extensively. I believe that the latest snapshot (1.0.303.32) is almost ready for release as the Beta version. If you follow the advice of Ayespy and Tiamarth in their replies above, you should have no issues. Best wishes.

  • Yes, Vivaldi is totally ready for prime-time for normal use. Go for it!!!

  • Thanks for your replies 🙂

    I think I'll wait for one of the upcoming official beta releases that has integrated email functionality. (I'm using Opera Mail 1.0 as my default email program.)


  • It really depends on how you use your browser. I don't consider myself a poweruser, but at least 3 extensions I use refuse to work correctly in Vivaldi. One is confirmed to not work because Vivaldi still doesn't support some function required for it to work properly. Looks like it will be a while before I can use it exclusively.

  • Alpha releases are traditionally aimed at developers and knowledgeable users, because they will crash and produce random results on different PCs.
    An Alpha should not be used for secure tasks by normal users.

    Vivaldi is very close to going Beta.
    Beta is normally when you let the public play with your toy.
    At this point it should be reliable and have most features included, but still occasionally crash or do something odd.
    It should be considered to be more secure at that point, but it is still not guaranteed.

  • Well it's based on Chromium so 70% of the stuff that doesn't work is some front end related stuff
    Blink is not in alpha
    I think one of the few problems related to Chromium was the thumbnail stuff
    I never had big problems with snapshots although I just try them and I don't really use Vivaldi as my default browser

    With their own layout engine if they had one… well that would have been an another story


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