Bad performance even without extensions

  • @tostr In settings do you have Smooth Scrolling enabled? Are you using Native Window? Is hardware acceleration enabled?

    I have Use Animations (under Window Appearance) off.

  • @Chas4 Thanks for the suggestions. Smooth Scrolling, Use Animation are both off. I switched to Native Window, the problem still remains, but it might slightly help the rendering speed.

  • @tostr I have exactly the same behavior on my MBP 2019. Hope the devs will fix this soon.

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    Have you all been filing bug reports for these issues? If only one person files a bug, the internal testers will close it if they cannot reproduce it. If there are many duplicate reports, the issue will get focus. If you also report your bug ID (VB-xxxxx) here, I'll make sure that they all get linked together in the bug tracker. Also be sure to include the model of Mac and version of macOS that you are using. Thanks!

  • Re: Bad performance even without extensions

    I'll file a bug; the behavior hasn't gone away with the latest update. I tried a clean install with the last 2.x release; I just tried a clean install with the latest 3.1.x release. Same behavior. Immediate lag when scrolling any page I have open.

    This all started sometime in February or March.

    I've yet to change any settings at all; always use the defaults.

  • Disabling Hardware acceleration so far seems to have worked. Enabling metal did not.

  • I don't know if a bug for this has already been filed, but in general Hardware Acceleration does not work so well. I have two Macs, one with Sierra, the other with Catalina.

    On the Catalina one I need to turn it off, if not my battery drains quickly and my laptop gets really hot. On the Sierra one I can't tell, if I disable Hardware A I get the dead bird (crash) on many websites. I don't know if this could be related to Chromium or Vivaldi. On both I'm running the latest stable version of Vivaldi.

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    Just to be clear, the sorts of issues that I am concerned about are ones where you install Vivaldi on macOS and it feels laggy and sluggish on your hardware during normal web browsing, especially on non-media-intensive sites. When scrolling, Vivaldi should feel every bit as smooth as Chrome, and ideally even Safari.

    That said, if you are complaining about memory usage when you have 500 open tabs or CPU usage when watching a 4K HDR videos... I would not consider those issues abnormal behaviour.

  • @xyzzy Sure, I don't feel it laggy, so maybe this is not the correct thread to post it. Anyway, while browsing through "normal" websites, maybe watch a Youtube video, etc. with 4 or 5 tabs open, I have noticed that it works better on Catalina if I disable Hardware Acceleration (doing the same things). I just wanted to know if it is indeed a bug, a Chromium problem or a Vivaldi one, since it should work better with HA on, right? If not, why include it?

  • Confirming I have this issue as well. I just built a new profile from scratch and re-synced my old settings and that seemed to improve things immensely. The issue seems to crop up when loading trackers. It’s almost as if it is loading each tracker one at a time and it is pausing the loading process.

  • Turning off Hardware Accel in the settings makes a world of difference. Scrolling through pages is now buttery smooth, makes me enjoy using Vivaldi again. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Unfortunately, when I filed a bug it was closed as unreproducible. It seems like it can be reproduced by others, though, so that's sad.


    Thanks for reporting this issue, and sorry for the delay.
    Unfortunately, we were not able to reproduce this issue.

    I will pass this info to the team and keep an eye on incoming reports.
    It would be great if you could test this again on the latest OS if ever upgrade it.

    Should you notice anything else, please feel free to let us know.
    Thank you for your time and for using Vivaldi!


  • i only have a 2gb 32bit laptop and vivaldi runs perfectly with no issues..i do use linux.

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