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  • Hi, As a new user some quick questions come to mind, all answers are appreciated, cheers 🙂 Is 'Tech Preview' the Vivaldi term for 'Stable' and how often does the Vivaldi browser update? also how does a Vivaldi user know when an update is available to download?

    1. "Tech Preview" means Alpha.
    2. Vivaldi snapshots are released about once a week.
    3. TP4 and the snapshots are on different release channels. When there's a new snapshot available, users already on the snapshot will be notified about the new release and are able to auto-update. You can download the latest Vivaldi snapshot from the dev blog at the community front page,

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    And to clarify, a user is notified of the new version through a popup in the browser, and given the option to update.

    Plus, there are no stable versions yet. The next stage, which we are rapidly approaching, will be Beta. The latest snapshot has been referred to as a "beta candidate," but within minutes of its release, a couple of things were noted by users which will have to be dealt with before another "beta candidate" can be considered. We are clearly not quite at Beta yet.

  • To further expand, Vivaldi has created separate distribution and update channels for stable and development versions. A TP version currently occupies the place where stable releases are likely to be issued ultimately. Those TP versions are still considered developmental, and while perhaps more stable than Snapshot releases, this is mainly because they lack various features added during the Snapshot progression. Snapshots are the versions where new features (and their occasional pitfalls) are introduced and trialed.

    At this moment in time, all the versions, both TP and Snapshot, are alpha in nature… with a TP version being simply a more stable but lower-featured form of alpha. In the not-so-distant future, the 'TP' version will be replaced with a true, largely feature-frozen 'Beta' version that will be issued primarily for user stability testing. The Snapshots will continue to be the place where active feature development occurs, at the cost of more uncertain stability. And, of course, there will always be some fluidity and consistency flexibility in the terminology involved, as future versions evolve.

    At some future point, some Beta version will advance to a Final or Released version, and Vivaldi will have finally come of age. As to just how Vivaldi then handles distribution of their Final, Beta, and Snapshot version levels will eventually be made more clear.

  • Or you can do as I did, use snapshots until we hit the stable version, then I'll switch to the less rapid release cycle 🙂


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