Vivaldi is not done Baking

  • Let me start by saying I loved opera, the Presto version of Opera not the monstrosity that it has become. I was using Opera when you had to pay to use it. It was simply a better browser, and that is because it listens to user feedback. I currently use Firefox. I refuse to use Google Chrome, simply because I believe the sloppy coding that does not care about basic things such as memory management. However, I decided to give Vivaldi a shot since it was from the original Opera team. I've been testing each new build that comes out, and while there is improvement is lacking basic functionality. I've seen none of these fundamental, use every day type of features, mentioned anywhere. There is no indication that they will ever be implemented. That is said 1. Google Chrome cannot (or perhaps will not) allow the user to have a centered bookmark bar. Sadly, Vivaldi is no exception. We are able to have a bookmark bar, but as of yet we are able to center it. 2. The chrome extension icons cannot be customized; their location must remain in the upper right and nowhere else. Why? 3. Kudos for once again implementing the side bar. That was revolutionary in Presto and is proving to still be incredibly valuable here. However, why can we not customize its icons? If the user does not want to use the new mail client (when and if it ever gets released) why should they not be able to remove the icon in the sidebar? 4. Default zoom should be an option for Vivaldi. Yes, it will remember your per-site preferences, but as of right now I do not see a default zoom preference, one that is applied to all pages. This is especially important for widescreen monitors where because of its with everything seems smaller. 5. Where is the view for bookmarks? Such a thing existed in Opera and made it so that we do not need to rely on the bookmark bar (which is a good thing because here it cannot be centered). Having this view with the folders on top and individual bookmarks are one is not an option. Again, these are features that I think are important to the everyday user, as it makes browsing that much easier and more reminiscent of the Presto version of. Let's face it, blink is a bare-bones featured browser. It would be nice if Vivaldi did not become just another wrapper for the blink engine (as happened with the current version of Opera), but rather learn from its predecessor Presto Opera and allowed for greater user customization. I hope some of these things will be implemented soon. If they are I will have no problem recommending this browser above any other browser. But as it stands right now is just not every day user friendly. Without these features is just not quite done baking,

  • What you wrote is unclear to me in one place: in #1, what do you mean that the bookmark bar cannot be "centered"? Centered with respect to what, or in what way?

    I'm able to create a fully-populated bookmark bar virtually identical with what I currently have in Opera 12.14 and Firefox (with extensions), and located in almost the same place on each browser window.

  • All of these, other than #1 have been talked about on the forums before. I'm as confused as Blackbird in regard to what you can possibly be talking about when you say, "centered bookmark bar."

    1. By modifying Vivaldi's CSS, you can put anything anywhere.
      See this post. and this thread.

    2. This has actually only been mentioned in passing - I've only seen it requested once before. But you can still hide individual buttons in the sidebar with CSS. For example, to hide the mail button:

    button.mail {
        display: none !important;
    1. See this thread which popped up just days ago about the same thing.

    2. There's a bookmark panel in the sidebar. You can also open a new tab and click on the "Bookmarks" button to see the bookmark manager. There's currently no dropdown bookmark menu.

    Will the GUI eventually accommodate these things so people don't need to edit files? I have no idea. All I can say is that Vivaldi's meant to replace Opera in some ways, and Opera most certainly could do all of the above.

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    Vivaldi is a new browser, not a copy of Opera 12. Some old features will be reimplemented, some not.
    if you need the Opera 12 UI you can still use Opera 12 or change to Otter. Or wait what Vivaldi will give you.

    Some UI changes can be done by changeing the CSS as it was said already.

    No, Vivaldi is not created in a Bakery. You will not get a cheesecake or a customized-only-for-.your browser version. 😉


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