thumbnails / tab modification

  • Hello

    Can you tell me how i can change or add some more options:

    1)Bigger thumbnails in pannel (posibility resize height not only width)
    2)Bigger preview thumbnails
    3)Hold same size thumbnails forever in panel even if is overloaded by many other.
    4a)Add function to scroll thumbnails in panel up/down like in comon www site. By mouse scroll while mouse curson is only in bookmarks panel
    4b)Add scroll bar to this thumbnails like on web sites.

    Screenshots with mine ugly draw for explain situation 😃

    i love Vivaldi such a great browser 🙂

    Thx from up for read mine text and for trying help me.

  • The tab thumbs are dynamically sized so that you can fit them all. Changing the height would most certainly require scrolling of the tabs and moving of the new tab button.

    You should put in a feature request for some of these as native support for scrollable tabs would most certainly be better than any mod

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