Snapshot 1.0.303.32 - Beta Candidate

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    [quote=ruario]We are very close to moving on to the next quality level. Today's snapshot is not technically a beta but… we are very close! This snapshot is a "candidate" for a beta release. This means it should contain enough fixes to be labelled beta quality. We are not calling it beta yet, in case one of the recent fixes is incomplete or we missed something very important. If all goes to plan we will reissue it as a beta (a final change that allows us to update technical preview users). If not, we will put out further candidates with just a few more critical fixes. Lets us know if we have missed something obvious or if one of the fixes doesn't work the way it should. Also, remember that we will continue to address your bugs reports as we move on towards final. Thanks for all your help and feedback so far. We are proud of how things have progressed but know that we simply couldn't have done this without you. So we hope you are proud as well![/quote] [b] Changelog VB-10072 Firstrun page or specific URLs startup option does not load pages VB-10131 Missing tab thumbnails VB-10154 In the search field, Down should show search engines, Shift down typed history VB-10098 Dark address bar icons in Dark UI VB-10173 Faster transition on drag and drop on tabs VB-9784 Remove unneeded options from Note's context menu VB-9889 Settings page in a tab changes URL when switching back tabs Last modified on Sunday, 25 October 2015 08:27[/b]


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