What is the best distro for Vivaldi?

  • Somehow i've only just now seen this thread, & it seems it's all pretty much been said already. Fwiw...

    From my own personal experience, ie not hearsay, my V experiences have been consistently lovely in each of -- Maui, openSUSE Tumbleweed KDE, Manjaro KDE, Cleanjaro Plasma, ArchLinux Plasma, SolydK, & SparkyLinux MATE.

    To state it in the inverse; i have not had a bad Vivaldi experience in any of the distros i have used, that was distro-caused rather than a Vivaldi bug. It seems to me that a distro would need to be especially inept to stuff this up, & so i would wonder what else they might be stuffing up?

  • @npro . the flex the muscle icon. really fun use of. good thanks.

  • If puppy linux ever became not available for me then i would choose antix linux which is another great and light distro and not bloated like the debians and buntus.

  • @Priest72 Antix is based on debian? Bloated is a widely used term to dismiss software casually, but it doesn’t really mean anything. Now, granted, there surely are distributions around that strip back on preinstalled programs, but that’s completely independent from the distros they are based on, I don’t see the correlation.

  • @luetage I have a rather oldish 32bit laptop with 2gb ram so my options at the moment are rather limited.Once i decide to upgrade to a more powerful laptop then puppy is perfect for my needs.

    Your correct antix is a debian based distro although most of them are and it runs quite well on my laptop but i felt puppy was more responsive and lightweight.

  • @Priest72 Well yeah, that’s outdated hardware. My 4 year old mobile phone got a gig more and my 9 year old laptop has 4 times the amount of RAM. Don’t know whether it makes sense to update and I don’t know what it supports, but getting another 2 gig stick in there or two 4 gig sticks should be both cheap and your experience will be on a whole other level.

  • @Priest72 said in What is the best distro for Vivaldi?:

    I have a rather oldish 32bit laptop with 2gb ram

    With respect, it seems to me a little specious to throw the inflammatory yet meaningless term "bloated" about to casually insult copious distros & DEs, if the perspective is wrt such a limited h/w base. It's not distros' fault that for doubtless legitimate & sensible reasons you have such a severe h/w limit atm... but that does not ipso facto make them "bloated", at least not in the clearly pejorative sense many who throw that unnecessary term about these days intend.

  • @TalGarik I am using it on Fedora 32. Runs great.

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