What is the best distro for Vivaldi?

  • Hello,
    or what according to your experience is the distro better suited to get the best out of Vivaldi?
    Let me explain: I have used Vivaldi on linux from day one until the day I had enough and in the end I stopped using Vivaldi, at the time in my experience the Windows version worked way better than the linux one, no matter how many distros I tried. But recently Vivaldi became my default browser on windows and android, alas the first attempt to use it on MX Linux - the distro I am currently using - has not been a success, just two examples: smooth scrolling is not smooth at all, pop-up video does not allow resizing the pop-up. This was enough to end my exploration but left me wondering: is there a distro out there where one can expect to have Vivaldi performing as good as in Windows?

  • You can try SolydXK at https://solydxk.com/ they have Xfce and KDE and are Debian based.

  • @TalGarik If I had to guess, I'd say most Linux testing happens on Ubuntu, since it's the most common distribution. The Ubuntu fonts are also the default in the UI. But overall it shouldn't matter much.

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    @TalGarik , I have used Vivaldi from the first version, both on Windows and Linux (Kubuntu) and I have never had any noteworthy problems, neither in one nor in the other

  • I've been using V. Stable on MX Linux for two years now without many problems. A few times I had to renew the video codecs. I switched MX over to the KDE desktop, which I really like, about six weeks ago, and it handled pop-out video fine the few times I tried it.

    The mouse scroll wheel was fine under XFCE, but in KDE there is a QT scrolling bug that at times has been serious. Hasn't acted up in several days now, though, so maybe something was fixed.

    I'm on old, Vista-era hardware, with added RAM and an SSD.

  • I am using Vivaldi on Solus. There is a stable and snapshot version in the Software Center.
    BTW Solus was mentioned in the Vivaldi blog Why you should replace Windows 7 with Linux

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    I have used Vivaldi Stable on LinuxMint, (17.3 to 18.3) Slitaz, PCLinuxOS and am about to do an install of Kali with V on it. I can't speak for Kali as yet but I have not noticed any issues on any of the other distros.
    Having said that, I also do not use all the features or do any modding to Vivaldi.
    If you want me to specify a personal favourite it would be PCLinuxOS with Mint a very close second.
    Links to all of the above can be found through https://distrowatch.com.

  • I've been using it on Arch with Gnome desktop. Seems to work the same as the windows version I use at work. What Desktop Environment have you been using it with? Gnome, KDE, Xfce, Cinnamon, etc...

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    @TalGarik said in What is the best distro for Vivaldi?:

    has not been a success, just two examples: smooth scrolling is not smooth at all, pop-up video does not allow resizing the pop-up.

    Vivaldi runs fine in most of distros. I can not repro.
    It looks the issue lies on your OS.

  • thanks for your replies, everybody.
    I am trying Manjaro now (Gnome) and here the pop-up video problem happens in a different way: I can resize the pop-up but at maximum size part of the image (the one with the on screen commands) goes below the screen, so once I have obtained the preferred size I need to drag the pop-up to the correct position, it is not perfect (never experienced this behavior in Windows 10) but it can be used. As for smooth scrolling it still works better with Windows 10.
    On another side I have been puzzled by sync, I have appreciated a lot that it has not only installed all of my extensions but even the fine tuning of them (particularly helpful with Vimium and Selection Search) so it has been a surprise that sync does not keep the search engines too, but overall it is fine this way and better than FF overall.

    One question: every time I start V I need to re-set the theme in settings: a clean profile is the only solution?


  • @TalGarik Make sure you haven't enabled something in Scheduled Theming.

  • I have used puppy linux for years and had no issues.

  • Has anyone tested the latest MX KDE beta1?

    To be quite frank, this version is stable (at least on my laptop) and does not feel like a beta in any way.

    Really super!

    Was impressed with FerenOS which uses Vivaldi by default, but this MX iteration has become my preferred.

  • @danielson nope, Debian is granpa overrated trash 😂 and Debian-based with their PPAs workaround even more and a sort of fashion lately, and all those together pretty anti-KDE & Qt in general, we are followers of the Arch /Arch-based cult instead 💪🏼 😘

  • @danielson Damn, I didn’t know there was a distro with Vivaldi as default browser. I looked into it, seems like they issue a modded Vivaldi.

  • @npro you forgot to add “btw”

  • @danielson
    Hi, I use Open/Suse since the time Arch was not even born 😉 but I am open to test other distros as well.
    Downloading ...

    Cheers, mib

  • @luetage said in What is the best distro for Vivaldi?:

    Damn, I didn’t know there was a distro with Vivaldi as default browser.

    It’s also in ArcoLinux, AFAIK (and surely many others)

    I looked into it, seems like they issue a modded Vivaldi.

    I’d say only the window buttons are different.

  • @potmeklecbohdan Yeah, but they need to mod and repackage Vivaldi for each release because of that. I wonder how long you wait for a new Vivaldi release to make it over. They also host their own startpage from github, which is somehow nice touch and introduce their own themes. Frankly, any changes they make need to be added manually and released, doesn’t matter if it’s a real mod or not. A simple change in settings requires the same amount of attention.

  • For latest info. on FerenOS:

    Manjaro KDE is very decent too, but in the end, it's all a question of taste and user needs.

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