Bring Back Opera 12 BitTorrent Capabilities (via LibTorrent) for Application Updates!

  • [center]Bring Back Opera 12 BitTorrent Capabilities (via LibTorrent) for Vivaldi Application Updates! [/center] Having to download 40mb from your update servers has a "20% failed hashsum rate" even in well wired cities like Seattle. HTTPS will not totally fix the problem, there are flaws in its implementations with respect to file integrity. This waste of bits is totally uncalled for, so stop doing it! Your update server costs should only be for the first 1000 people in a country, not the subset of the nation that needs to update this application. A 16kb Torrent File can encode 40mb into lots of more usable 128kb chunks. With a Torrent File even 42k modem users to update the application. Note that 16k files are a lot easy to serve to users than 40mb files! As long as the Vivaldi Update Executable "Torrent" is verified before allowing the update to be installed, the number of failed installs due to botched bits should go to near zero.

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