I am trying to leave Vivaldi…

  • I have found how to do that but I can't figure out how to forward my email for a month?

  • FedEx :dry:

  • I could be wrong, but I would say that unlike with real life Snail Mail … the luxury of being able to forward E-mail to a new E-mail Address for a month like that does not exist.

    If you really absolutely want to pull the plug and sever all ties with Vivaldi permanently, your best bet would probably be to cease all Vivaldi Mail activity while having provided your new E-mail Address to all the necessary people and businesses effective immediately. THEN after a month, close your Vivaldi account.

  • @Suntana:

    … THEN after a month, close your Vivaldi account.

    I agree with Suntana’s observations.
    I have also read on the Internet that it can be a good idea to have two or more different e-mail addresses, for example one address for private e-mail, one address for business, one for typical web-activities, and so on. If you then for some reason loose one provider, you can merge some groups for a shorter or longer period. 🙂

  • @leirom:

    …it can be a good idea to have two or more different e-mail addresses...

    Indeed it is. I have several dozen email subscriptions to newsletters (meDOTsubscriptionsATsomewhere.com), then personal (meATsomewhere.com), and an old hotmail account that is convenient for my MSDN account. Now of course there is a vivaldi account.

    You can develop them as you need…

  • More than one address is always a good idea for operational security. Mixing accounts is never a good idea.

  • Exhibit A: I just went and tried to log in into my Vivaldi Mail and I cannot. I just keep getting failure after failure to log in. Good thing I have my 7 E-mail Addresses on AOL and my gmail.

    Well, actually I don't use my gmail at all. I only have it because I was forced in order to be able to open up a BlogSpot Blog. But, it'd be available if my AOL E-mail faltered.

    I only used to use Vivaldi Mail with one of my sisters because when she was in South America for 2 years, for some reason her E-mail service didn't work well with my AOL. So, I used MyOpera Mail when E-mailing with her. And when that went away, I switched to Vivaldi Mail when E-mailing with her. And now Vivaldi Mail has become unreliable, bordering on useless.

  • I have already done all that was suggested.
    I am really surprised that there is no forwarding. That is such a normal thing.
    Look, my problem is as I get older my memory is slipping I am trying to simplify things, this doesn't help at all.


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