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  • Hello everybody,

    I am newby here and I beg pardon if I don't know some rules or policies. I've just got familiar with Vivaldi and I am nicely impressed both with the browser and the "My blog" option. I do agree, we all would benefit from addtional themes and custom plugins. However I am really missing Wordpress Jetpack plugin, it contains a number of useful and necessary features including the ability to see the blog statistics. I would appreciate if this question will be included in feature requests.

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    @Uladzimer , welcome to Vivaldi and our community.
    Regarding the blog, it is true that it is based on Wordpress, although somewhat simplified and not for commercial use, for example, because it is necessarily related to Vivaldi for wearing the logo. It is designed so that the users can use it in a particular way, to put their notes or for what they want.
    I do not know why it does not accept certain plug ins, I imagine that it may be related to licensing reasons that must be paid by Vivaldi, as the owner of this platform.
    Although I think, if a user wants his own blog with all the functionalities, he will have enough alternatives on the network, both paid and free, even with Wordpress itself.

  • @Catweazle, thank you for your kind welcome! Will be happy to be in contact with you!

    I don't think that Vivaldi considers "My Blog" as a simly online notepad or wants people to go looking alternatives to Vivaldi blog. On the other hand I understand that the more features (i.e. plugins, themes) you enable the more support and development efforts will be necessary.

    Nevertheless Jetpack is quite an essential and very special case. Even the free version provides

    • visitors statistic by time and by countries,
    • security features,
    • tools for media content optimization,
    • two directional integration with social media,
    • "related posts" feature
    • etc.

    Is it crucial for commercial sites only? I don't think so. For instance Wordpress.com isn't a dedicatet hosting provider for business sites and their Wordpress implementation has many limitations, but Jetpack makes this platform very and very attractive for people. I wonder if Vivaldi could become a real competitor in this niche. 🙂

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