H.264 legacy operating system problems

  • I was pleased to see H.264 support - but it has given me problems with the older/legacy operating systems (e.g. XP - yes, I know!). My technique (in common with others I'm sure) for a web site is to use a Javascript "shim" to check for MP4 (or MP3) format support using "canPlayType" on the <video>(or

    <audio>element. If supported no problem, but if not to replace the element with a Flash player object. All went well until 1.0.300.5, but now the fall back is broken. canPlayType says "probably/maybe", but then doesn't do anything. I understand that support for older systems cannot be done forever, but can we either have a means of disabling the H.264 module completely or a response of "no" on canPlayType if the op system cannot support it. [Another old Opera12 user just gradually moving over to Vivaldi and pleased with what I see]</audio>



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