Pop-up blocking

  • I have noticed that vivaldi has no option to block pop-ups in the options or in the drop-down menu. If there is such an option I can't find it. So basically this is a idea for a future/previously available feature for the vivaldi browser. In Opera you had the quick prefereces menu, where you could quickly and effectively decide if you want any pop-ups. The current, new and improved Opera also seems to stil have problems with this feature, as it still misses quite a few pop-ups where as the older 12 version blocked absolutely all pop-ups no matter what.

  • @mricks:

    …If there is such an option I can't find it.

    The option to block all pop ups you can find by typing chrome://settings/content into the url bar.

  • just checked, it's set to block all pop-ups. Some of them still get through.
    I guess this is more a problem with how chrome handles pop-ups than anything else.


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