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  • Hello all! (Typical noob statements incoming, shield your eyes people!) Anyway, now with all the informal elements out of the way, I have been tossing the idea of making my own browser (While using an existing engine like Gecko, or Blink, or Webkit) I have been doing quite a bit of research (Most of the time I have been called an idiot and a moron, so lets hope that doesn't happen here) and unfortunately, there isn't a particularly clear way of doing what I want to do. I'm only so-so at coding, but this was just more for fun than anything else. Anyway, Thanks in advance! (Sorry if my question is stupid)

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    Even after reading your post twice I can't identify a question. 😉

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    I think perhaps the question is, "How do I build a browser?"

  • Basically, How do I build a browser by editing Firefox?

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    Basically, How do I build a browser by editing Firefox?

    Contact the guy who wrote and is maintaining the Pale Moon browser. He seems accessible.

  • I assume I do that through the Pale Moon forum? (I don't know, there is no real direct e-mail)

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    That would seem a good place to start. There is also a live chat at the "Feedback" menu on the home page.

    If you are a business or have a business, you can contact him via email at the address given on the "Contact" page.

  • Alright I'll start there!

  • I know nothing of coding and creating applications, but to my understanding, every single change that is made, could lead to many bugs and compatibility issues, so if you are just one person, building a browser can prove difficult.


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