New Vivaldi user here. Some questions about directions.

  • Hi all!

    New Vivaldi user. I came from Brave and moved to Vivaldi mainly because of the Sync capability. I am discovering the rest of Vivaldi bit by bit.
    I have some questions, though:

    • Why is Vivaldi as a company spending resources on making webmail and wordpress blogs available to their users? I think email and blogs are very common nowadays and are available in many other places. Why is Vivaldi not spending those resources on building Vivaldi for iOS?
    • Will there ever be a Vivaldi for iOS? The only thing i am missing right now is Vivaldi on my iPad. If i have that then i have one more-or-less homogeneous browsing environment for all my devices (Mac, Android phone and iPad).

    Keep up the good product and the great support!!


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    @Toontje Welcome to the Community. Here are a few links for your bookmarks that you may find useful:

    • Vivaldi is a replacement for Opera 12.18, which was taken over by a Chinese company and went in a different direction. A built-in email client was an important feature of Opera for many of us, and I am still launching Opera 12.18 daily to manage my email. I also use it for a few other tasks, like editing source code in notepad, but Vivaldi has been my default browser since several years. The Vivaldi Team have been working on the mail client since the beginning. The first technical preview even had a dummy mail panel.
    • Developing Vivaldi for iOS is still just a dream. Apple do not allow other code on their OS, and rebuilding Vivaldi to use Webkit would be a major undertaking. It may be years before that project gets off the ground.

    So use Vivaldi for what it has on Windows, Android, or Mac OS for Desktop. It has some great features and a great business model that respects the privacy of its users like few other browsers. The support forum, like My Opera, is also a valuable source of information and help.

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    @Toontje The Vivaldi community and webmail existed before the browser did - and maintaining them requires a negligible amount of effort compared to what it takes to build a browser. They are part of what Vivaldi does to foster a sense of community, which both retains and grows the userbase - which Vivaldi requires in order to survive. 🙂

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    @Toontje , welcome to our community.
    Regarding iOS, this implies enormous difficulties, due to Apple's policy of not allowing Blink-based browsers, that is, in order to make a version of Vivaldi for iOS, it must take WebKit as the engine, Which prevents the great functionality with which Vivaldi stands out, apart from having to create it again from scratch. The reason is very simple, Apple wants to maintain the predominant position of Safari in its OS, of course a more than doubtful practice regarding free competition.

  • @Catweazle

    then why not just make a vivaldi IPA and have it sideloaded? there are a couple apps ive downloaded before striaght from the site no appstore needed.

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