Reload stops working after a time

  • Hi! During my browsing, Vivaldi eventually gets into the state when the Reload button stops responding - that is, I can click on the button, but nothing happens. When that occurs, all reload-related hotkeys also stop responding. I need to shut down the browser and start it again to get Reload back. I can't pinpoint any actual cause of the issue, but given my browsing habits, I don't think it's some website crashing some part of Vivaldi; instead, it seems to be a problem related to the time for which Vivaldi is running, much like the "no more displaying of webpage contents" problem. I had been encountering this issue extensively in 1.0.300.5. I don't know whether it is still present in 1.0.300.23 as I have just installed that version a few minutes ago, but given the changelog, I expect I will run into the issue again. I will keep you posted. Incidentally, wouldn't it be a good idea to have the bugtracker public? I wanted to check whether anyone already reported this bug and my search of the forum wasn't successful, but that doesn't really tell me much. Pepak


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