Snapshot 1.0.303.23 - Tab and Thumbnail improvements

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    [quote=ruario] It has been a day since the latest snapshot, so we thought you might like another one! Today's update features a much needed rewrite of much of our tab drag and drop code. In addition, we have also taken another step towards more reliably displaying thumbnails in Bookmarks and Speed Dials.[/quote] [i]Changelog VB-5600 Dragging and dropping a tab can place it in an odd location VB-9691 Thumbnails are not added to Bookmarks/Speed Dial after visiting them VB-10042 Reload page do not work at all VB-10070 Vivaldi crashes when exiting fullscreen on youtube video when you have ublock origin extension installed VB-10034 Links in extension callout suddenly inactive VB-10065 Invisible window controls for light UI and tabs bottom/left/right VB-10063 Bookmark Bar Display setting defunct Last modified on Thursday, 22 October 2015 14:12[/i] [b] Known issues Tab animation is too slow on some machines: you can disable tab animation in the preferences in the mean time. Tabs on the side become too small when many are open Scroll bars showing on tab bar on Mac 10.11 when resizing the window[/b]


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