Vivaldi noticeably sluggish since upgrading to 3.0

  • @HellbillyDeluxe good grief do people seriously sit there with stopwatches timing browser performance.?
    if it were 20-30 seconds which would be noticeable then yea it is an issue but i see this timing nonsense everywhere where if one browser opens a second quicker then they switch like a flock of geese.

    Nobody will notice a 2-sec delay.

  • @Priest72 Don't confuse that comment, which is about something else, distract from the problem throughout most of the thread, which is about a 20-30 second delay.

    Throughout a long thread like this, once in a while people will come in with side issues.

  • @Priest72 @rseiler

    There's no need for a stopwatch. When there is a perceived performance issue, the browser offers profiling tools built-in that will measure performance, as well as help diagnose the issue. If people seem to be experiencing performance problems, then the best thing to do would be to profile it.

    This is primary way to get an objective measure of performance, and also diagnose performance problems. It can surprise you as well. I can't count the number of times I've seen someone report a perceived performance issue, and point to another product or configuration that supposedly performed better, only to discover the opposite was true after they were profiled.

    On the net, I've seen this lead to flaming responses as someone just digs in and defends their their claims, disregarding the evidence, and ending in personal attacks. But in collaborative teams developing software together, it's an invaluable tool.

    So if you're experiencing persistent performance problems, especially ones that others are having trouble reproducing, it's likely worth your while to learn how to use the dev tools to measure performance and diagnose issues. If just a few people are having problems while most aren't, then in the absence of other relevant information, I'd venture to guess there's some configuration or extension as the root cause. Which could probably be tracked down using these tools.

    Here's a link to Google's getting started guide. There might be a more recent page on the topic, I just grabbed this quickly from a web search. So I'm not vouching for it as the best starter guide, just helping those who may be interested jump start their research.

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