Why it’s time to switch to Vivaldi on Android

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    I think Apple's inflexibility and monopolistic behavior will take its toll sooner or later, becoming obsolete with its Safari and Webkit. Microsoft has already understood this a long time ago, switching to Chromium and Blink with its Edge.Personally I would never use Apple products, precisely because of its lack of flexibility and its poor price / performance ratio.

  • @wojcieche It isn't an incompatible idea. In Yandex for example you can swipe from any part in the border of the screen to switch between tabs. If you start the dragging sightly more in the inside of the page (as opposed to from the outside edge of the screen) it pulls the forum sidebar instead. The same can be said about Android 10 touch navigation gestures, I'd be more worried about them.

  • That`s really so!

  • Love this, but why no Android TV version to coincide with this change? I'm no developer but it's effectively the same platform already and this would make sense. I would love to be able to use Vivaldi on my Shield TV.

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    @psaulnier , yes, but TV don't have touch screen like mobile or tablet.

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