How to make dark reader toggle work?

  • And similar extensions with hotkeys like bitwarden.?

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  • I had the same exact problem and it was making me mad. Your post led me to figure out how to fix the Dark Reader toggle in Vivaldi so it works with a hot key the way it should.

    Go into vivaldi://extensions/

    Click the Hamburger bar next to Extensions. 54cd2172-2be5-4574-9b81-1419d133e642-image.png

    Click on Keyboard Shortcuts. a3cbab85-dd31-4111-b53a-035fe32a9485-image.png

    After you do that change the 'Toggle Current Site' button to GLOBAL instead of VIVALDI


    That made the hotkey work for me! I can now toggle/untoggle with ease!

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