Strange tabs on programm start

  • If I define a start page in vivaldi, vivaldi opens 2 tabs when starting the programm ("Speed Dial" and my definded page). If I define no start page also 2 tabs are displayed after programm start ("Speed Dial" and "about:blank"). If I click on a link while vivaldi is not running also 2 tabs are opened ... the tab according to the link I've clicked on, which is opened but not active and a tab with "about:blank" which is active and displays me a empty page. Would it not be better ... ... to only open "speed dial" if I not define a start page? ... to only open the start page if i define one (without to open speed dial as a 2nd tab)? ... to only open one tab, according to the link I've clicked on, if vivaldi was not already running?

  • Moderator

    This is a known bug. The extra start page tab is not intended. The developers have acknowledged the problem.


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