Change-log for today's update and maintenance.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi everyone, Our maintenance/update is complete and everything should be working a little bit better! :) Here's the change-log: Groups - Fixed issues with creating group category. - Clicking on group cover should display dialog. - Fixed issues with group covers not linking correctly. Photos - Fixed photo adapter for user not checking against the correct access rule - Fixed issues with liking photos from a group. System - Fixed all manifests description - Fixed missing language string on Joomla password field. Apps - Fixed translation inconsistency on application title in groups and profile mini headers. - Show image if there is any when displaying Article app's stream. Uncategorized - Fixed translation issues at the back end. - Fixed missing language string. - Typing custom moods text should be allowed - Fixed errors with friends widgets when user does not have any - Fixed issues with mood's text not translated correctly.

  • Still no second identity support in Mail :(

  • Ssss SO, … it was said that Vivaldi already had a fix for the perpetual Log In problem and would be implemented in this Update. It's not in the changelog and testing shows that it wasn't fixed. So, what's up with that?

    And the No Comments Notifications issue ... if that never gets fixed, this place is just never going to have actual community status / functionality. With that HUGE issue lingering around, it deters members from posting, commenting and bantering on here.

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