Clicking category dropdown in Unread Posts forces a category choice on you

  • Sometimes while reading the Unread Posts section of the Forum on my phone (Galaxy A3 2016, Vivaldi Mobile Latest Stable), I accidentally find myself pressing the "All categories" button, which prompts the Forum to ask me to choose a category. If I decide NOT to choose one, and instead click a space outside of the selection prompt, the forum will, every time, automatically select the category "Done" under "Feature Requests". I find this jarring as in my opinion, clicking AWAY from the options should dismiss the prompt without any selection.
    2020-04-25 18.52.54 3bab04eb-f1e7-4404-bae8-a31c755bd41c.jpg

  • Moderator

    @Crimsonshade I can confirm this. It was an old bug which was supposedly fixed, but seems to have regressed and is happening again.

  • Community Manager

    Sorry for this regression. This issue was fixed. Would you please confirm that it works for you as well? 🙂
    Thanks for reporting it. 🙏

  • Can confirm the fix 😃

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