Closing the last tab closes entire Vivaldi

  • Hello, Thank you very much for Vivaldi. It is the best browser after Opera 12.17, therefore I would like to help at least like tester. I found this bug: - open two tabs in Vivaldi - create a group of these tabs - activate the second tab in the group and close it in its thumbnail - the last tab still has the group mark - close this last tab - Vivaldi is also closed Version - 1.0.300.5 (32-bit)

  • Which system do you use? On Windows 8.1 with Vivaldi 1.0.300.5 (Entwickler-Build) (32-Bit) I can't confirm this. Following your steps is resulting in correct reactions only. The group is removed and the browser doesn't close down.

  • Report this to . You'll have a much higher chance of the problem being fixed.

  • Win 7 Professional 64bit, SP1
    I can also reproduce it in version 1.0.303.22 (Developer Build) (32-bit)


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