Why can't Vivaldi be open-source?

  • How come you guys can't make it open sourced on release? You draw in more people this way and the community could be potentially more helpful (least from my experience for opensourced vs. proprietary). Not only that but people could find security flaws, bugs, make addons and tweaks to their tastes, and customize the browser they want. "B-but if people want it it open-sourced they usually have enough knowledge to make their own browser!" This is a crap argument, because me and a few others want this, yet don't have the knowledge to make our own browser. Vivaldi would be almost perfect for me if this happened and it was less bloated and more lightweight, I love the UI and the email integration feature.

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    You can basically customize the interface 100% by tweaking the CSS, which you can read now, as the browser is built with web technologies. MANY more customizations, including for people who know nothing at all about code, are on the way.

    I have no position against or in in favor of open source. I totally, completely, don't care one way or the other.

    But Jon has decided, in essentially all cases, to make software developed by his companies proprietary. He will not explain his rationale to you, and none of us know it fully or ever will, so your choices are these: 1) use Vivaldi and enjoy it, and ignore whether it is open source or not. 2) Use something else.

    The discussions here as to open source or proprietary are pointless, because you are trying to convince a single individual who has already made up his mind, and who is not going to be influenced by your arguments, no matter how persuasive you feel they are. Therefore, don't trouble yourself, don't waste your keyboard strokes, and don't bother trying to incite the Vivaldi community to support your FOSS viewpoint, or to get Jon to explain himself to you. Aint. Gonna. Happen.

  • Sorry, I don't have the answer to this question but I would like to point out the threads, dealing with this topic and providing a lot of different views.
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  • I hope that this won't turn into a flame war.

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    I hope that this won't turn into a flame war.

    There's no reason why it should. Everyone is entitled their own opinion, but everyone is also entitled, if they want them, to the facts. And the facts in this case are that Jon is going to make his browser the way he wants to make it. Over the decades, many online commenters have tried to cajole him into open-sourcing things, and he has never responded to such urgings with word or deed. There's no reason FOSS fans should not have the benefit of that knowledge.

  • I have no position against or in in favor of open source too.
    I just trust the ceo of Opera 12.

    Daily reminder: 80% of you use Windows

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